Electrical segments

Emt Conduit and Fittings

NPT Thread EMT Conduit
EMT Steel Compression Connector steel compression connectors are used to ground andsecure EMT raceways to boxes and enclosures.
Carbon Steel Galvanized EMT Conduit
This 1/2 in. x 10 ft. EMT pipe is designed to protect and route cables and conductors. It can be installed either exposed or concealed.
3/4 Inch 1 Inch Aluminum EMT Conduit
EMT conduit pipe is one of the lightest and thinnest threading pipe in American standard. The pipe head has no thread, and it is connected with set screw type connector which is mostly used in indoor decoration.
1/2" Electrical Pipe Fittings Galvanized Steel
Zinc emt connectors are used in dry locations to bond EMT conduit to electrical junction boxes or enclosures. It provide concrete tight connections when taped and properly secured with the included locknut.

IMC Conduit and Fittings

Rigid IMC Conduit

Fittings 2 Inch Plastic Conduit Bushing Threaded

Threaded insulating bushings easily screw on threaded conduits. Their smooth throat design ensures that wires will not be damaged during wire pulling.
1-1/2" Electrical IMC Conduit

Fittings Pipe Connector / Male Connector

For the connecting of IMC pipe.
1/2"- 4" IMC Conduit

Fittings 3.05 Meter Topele Aluminum Rigid Conduit

It is designed to protect cables. The aluminum Rigid conduit are more light than the steel galvanized conduit, so aluminum conduit are very easy to install, it very convenient for the install, it reduce the installation cost.
Aluminum Rigid Electric IMC Conduit

Fittings Strong Corrosion Resistance

Easy to install Aluminum Rigid conduit with Strong corrosion resistance.
1.Costs much Less than Steel Conduit and smae as extremely durable
2.Light weight is nearly 1/3 as much as Steel
3.Excellent corrosion resistance, non-magnetic, moisture