Electrical segments:



Akustik Plus


These slats are easy to handle and almost intuitive to install. With a width of 192 mm, they are approx. 50% wider than many slat systems available on the market, which considerably reduces the installation time. All offered perforation and slit patterns have outstanding sound absorption properties. The system requires only minimal planning and can be offered at an optimal price/performance ratio.

Your benefits:

  • TOP price-performance
  • Easy assembly
  • No waste
  • Extra wide slats
  • Very high absorber performance

Slimline stripes

With akustikplus stripes, we have enriched our akustikplus linear product range with an interesting, irregular slit pattern with a recurring repeat.

Wall or ceiling paneling in this design is calming and has a timeless aesthetic. The unpleasant effect of a blurred slit image upon longer or closer observation does not occur with linear grids with equal slit spacing.

Slimline Green

With akustikplus slimline green, we have added an innovative and ecologically sustainable product to our akustikplus linear product range.

We offer a tailor-made solution for all properties in which, in addition to good room acoustics, particular value is placed on sustainably produced and low-emission finishing materials.
In addition, the natural solid wood surface is the perfect complement to visible elements of timber framework constructions or furniture made of native solid woods.

Slimline Invisible

Our latest innovation, slimline invisible, elegantly combines acoustic functionality and visual aesthetics.
The patented product has a 45-degree bevelled slit. This creates a particularly homogeneous appearance. From the front, the acoustically effective drill holes on the rear side remain almost invisible to the viewer. The absorber technology can only be seen from a sharp angle.
Thus slimline invisible provides a unique, modern look in combination with highly efficient sound absorption.